Frequently Asked Questions

In order to give you our best, we are Appointment Only. 

If you ever have an emergency, please give us a call at (408)294-7633.

We do things a little differently at KAB. We do not do estimates and offer Phone Consultations instead.

Reasons we do not do estimates are:

  • 90% of the time initial estimates change after disassembly.
  • Most of the time insurance companies do not accept our estimate. Instead, the insurance company will provide their own estimate. The insurance estimate will not be accurate or final.  It is only an authorized starting point for the repair process. Once we start repairs and complete a disassembly, we can negotiate changes with insurance on your behalf.

The quickest way to acquire an insurance estimate would be through their Photo App. This estimate will NOT be accurate but will be a starting point for repairs.

 Once you get the insurance estimate, you can send it to us here.

Our Phone Consultations are appointments where our team reviews the photos of your vehicle then call you to go over: 

  • Cost Range
  • Possible Internal damage
  • Repair timeline
  • Repair Options (if partial repair is possible)
  • Next steps

Yes. You should never be obligated to drive an unsafe car.  If you are getting your vehicle towed here or if you need help coordinating a tow, give us a call and let us know your vehicle is unsafe to drive.

Once your vehicle arrives, we will get it checked in and reach out to go over next steps. 

Yes. Our shop and team are Tesla certified. Learn more on our Tesla Page

You’re all set. If you sent an insurance estimate, you don’t need a consultation.

If you have an insurance estimate, you can send it here

Our team will review your estimate then reach out to discuss your repairs and go over repair process. You can expect this to happen within 1 business day of sending your insurance estimate. 

Sorry to hear that. We can help. 

If you aren’t sure what to do, we suggest you click our Get Started page. Please answer the questions on the intake form and it will route you to the best fitting next step for your situation.